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The more I explore the US the more I realize it is one of the most diverse and beautiful countries in the world. Yesterday I spent the first half of the day out on a sailboat learning how to sail. I got to operate the boat the whole time (which I kind of didn’t expect!), learning how to move the sails with the wind. What a beautiful dance! Finished it off with the sunset kayak in the mangroves. It had a California girl, who is admittedly snobby about her coast, really appreciating Florida! My Florida lovers, what are your favorite things out here? I’m open to more!#FtMyersSanibel #sponsored
Believe me when I say Passion is required.
What beautiful soft mornings - White sand, pink fluffy clouds, and peace and quiet. Nothing but the pelicans, the dolphins in the waves, and footprints in the sand #ftmyerssanibel @ftmyerssanibel
I’m not usually one for making New Year’s resolutions (I usually end up forgetting what they were by the time I get around to working on them). But this year I’ve been working on more short-term goals, things to just focus on for a week at a time, and it’s been making such a difference! I’ve improved small things like reducing my sugar intake and incorporating more stretching into my routine. It’s tough for me to get motivated to work on something when I have such a long time to do it, but setting weekly goals has been a game changer! Anyone else a fan of goal setting? What tips or practices work for you? ——————————————————————— Continuing my partnership this month with @backcountry to continue to share the winter stoke with a 15% discount code for any first purchase (in case any of your goals involve furthering your winter sports pursuits!). Just use code “ELISE15” at checkout! #sponsored
The ‘Coldwater Journal’ - new film about 10 years of surf exploration through the lens of @benweiland - it premieres Feb 9th at my studio in Pismo Beach CA.  Food truck, Kombucha & giveaways will make for an epic night. Grab tickets before it sells out!  Details at www.ChrisBurkard.com/events or in my bio.  @surfer_magazine @whalebirdkombucha
Mother Nature’s frame game is 💯 | Workshop Announcement: Join me this summer on a road trip through the Canadian Rockies where we’ll be exploring some of Alberta and British Columbia’s most epic landscapes. This trip isn’t just for photographers, but for anyone that’s up for an adventure alongside a group of like minded individuals. I’ll teach you everything I know about photography, videography, and the business behind it all. You’ll get a taste of what it’s like to be an adventure travel photographer while exploring one of the most beautiful places on earth. Poutine and ice cream are included 😋 More info on how to apply in the link in my bio or send an email/DM! . . . #tlpicks #awesomeearth #aroundtheworldpix #beautifuldestinations #wanderout #wonderful_places #tourtheplanet #earthofficial #theglobewanderer  #discoverglobe #wildernessculture #alphacollective #fantastic_earth #places_wow #earthfocus #voyaged #awesome_globepix #bestvacations #awesome_photographers #awesome_earthpix #ourplanetdaily #earthpix
When you've done enough hiking and you're stoked there's a gondola.
Danté and I got to visit the set of Game of Thrones this weekend and spoiler alert, the White Walkers set makes me feel I wouldn’t be mad if they won!!! . . Ok that’s not true 😉🥶 @dante.vincent and I were actually invited to Sundance Film Festival with Stella Artois; and because of a pro tip from our Lyft driver, who we met with the credit Stella gave us to explore greater Park City, we discovered the Midway Ice Castles. Part of a network of six installations across North America that started when founder Brent Christensen made an ice cave for his kids in the front yard after they moved from California to snowy Utah. And since 2011, the joy has now been available to kids and adults alike - this winter in Utah, Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New Hampshire and Alberta, Canada. As many as 12,000 icicles are grown everyday and each castle is over 20 million pounds. For me this was the perfect escape from the jam-packed streets of Park City, only 20 minutes away. I’m so grateful Danté bought the tickets for us to go. . . . More about Stella in my next posts, who hosted us but did not pay me or require me to post about them. I don’t have a relationship with Lyft but I do love them because they carbon offset every ride & allow you to round up and donate the difference to charity. 💙
One of the most beautiful beaches in South Africa, #noordhoek Beach is massive. White sand and blue-green water for as far as the eye can see! ☀️ — You’ll find it at the end of the hair-raising (and stunning) Chapman’s Peak Cliff Drive, South of Capetown. — However the beach is notorious for muggings, and it’s not recommended to walk it alone.
Some trees bare the sweetest fruit in winter.  @kcdeane
Where's the next road trip? 🚗 🚙 My favorite place is everywhere but if I had to pick, New Zealand is a pretty good road trip. What's your fave?
A calm mind is required, a calm sea is a bonus. @chris_sharma among the tiger stripes of Mallorca’s west coast. I’m sitting in the boat below ... focusing on trying not to crash the drone on the wall. 🤓
Glacier National Park was the first international peace park in the entire world. The park expands across the United States and Canadian border.  Shaped 170 million years ago when ancient rocks were forced eastward up and over much younger rock strata.  Being located in the Rocky Mountains, the park sees more rain or snow than sunlight throughout the year.  Sometimes you can get a rare day of sun and rain and a rainbow falls from the sky.
“Jumping from boulder to boulder and never falling, with a heavy pack, is easier than it sounds; you just can't fall when you get into the rhythm of the dance.” - Kerouac  _______________ I hiked both Isthmus and Roy's Peaks in Wanaka since they're similar and people often do one or the other. I wanted to know which one was better. The short answer is more of a question: Is one mountaintop ever truly 'better'? I put together the good and the bad of both hikes in case you're trying to choose (spoiler alert, both are a gain of over 4k feet over 10+ miles, AKA steep AF). Each has its perks and both are amazing. Link in bio! P.S. Look at two posts ago to see the Roy's Peak photo!
It’s time to give back. Last year we gave away 10 free prints to anyone who brought us non-perishable food for the @slofoodbank . We were the largest contributor in the county! And we are doing it again. Until the end of Feb come by the studio with any non perishable food items and get a high-five & 10 free prints. Thanks for supporting our local food banks! . * sorry folks this is only an in person exchange. I urge you to get in touch with your local food bank. Chris Burkard Studio  271B five cities dr Pismo Beach, CA 93449
Will you please share a window into your world with me today? 🙏🏼 Something to be thankful for. Something good. Something you heard that made you smile. I think we could all use a few positive stories at this moment in time! Especially here in the USA where I’ve just been at the airport talking to people who are working without pay and I’ve heard from friends around the world who are struggling with the start of 2019 for one reason or another. Plenty of heartache to go around, let’s balance it with some love and light. 💛 . As for this photo, I took it in Venezia, in a palazzo once known as Santa Sofia. It has a rich history; built in the late 1420’s for the Contarini family who gave eight Doges to Venice between 1043 and the late 1600’s, by Giovanni Bon and his son Bartolomeo Bon. It became known as Ca’ d'Oro (the Golden House) because of the gilt and polychrome decorations which once adorned its exterior walls. I imagine it’s also how the neighborhood itself finally got its name. The last private owner of the palazzo was Giorgio Franchetti, who restored much of the damage that was done to it between the late 1600’s and 1894 when he acquired it. Though he finally bequeathed it to the Italian State to be opened as a public gallery, it now bears his name and features a collection that is part art, part historical documentation. @dante.vincent & I stumbled upon it  in a rainstorm and I’m so glad we did. Two ornate balconies on the upper levels offer this view of the Grand Canal which I really enjoyed because of all the detail framing an already lovely view - which was so vivid after the rain finally stopped. 🇮🇹
Our friends flying the Piper Cub  sent us GPS coordinates and said “we found a shipwreck.” It looked like it had been covered in sand for many years, barely exposed. I was lamenting to my pilot Haraldur @volcanopilot that I wish the ship was more visible, more complete.. but he quickly reminded me that it’s important to show how fragile things really are sometimes.. and that beautiful things aren’t meant to last.
Current mood. 🌋
A moment of clarity ————————————- The weather report didn't appear to be in favor of this hike that day in Milford Sound. It's not smart to do when it rains because the rock is slippery at best, deadly at worst, but I figured, let's take the chance and if it gets sketchy we'll turn back. It's a lot of rock scrambling and some route finding on this trail that steeply turns up the rocky walls, and I didn't think the cloud cover would break. Then, right as we reached the top, the clouds cleared for a few minutes and we could see all the way to Milford Sound. It was a foolish chance to take, but my life has been full of them and for better or worse, the payoff can be the most beautiful, however brief, moments. Invariably, these are the things I remember the most dearly - when the bitter turned to sweet.
Over the next two months I’ll be keynote speaking in Vancouver at VIMFF & Birmingham at The Photography Show UK. Along with 1-day intensive photography workshops in Portland, Seattle, Vancouver & London. Join me for a slideshow presentation focusing on some of most challenging trips & lessons learned in the field! .  For tickets/ details & course curriculum check www.ChrisBurkard.com/events or my bio link.
There’s no place I’d rather be in the middle of winter #ad I’m excited to announce Marriott’s newly unveiled loyalty program with a brand new name and new benefit. The #spgamex Luxury Card is now the Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant @AmericanExpress Card! There will be a sleek new metal Card design and ‪starting March 28, 2019‬ I can receive up to $100 property credit for qualifying charges at The Ritz-Carlton or St. Regis when I book direct using a special rate for a 2 night minimum stay using my Card. Terms apply. Check out the link in my bio for more details. #amexambassador
Habana Vieja, or “Old Havana” was my favorite part of Cuba’s capital! The colorful old cars, the classic architecture, music in the streets. 🇨🇺 — In recent years, Cuba has seen major changes as Americans began flooding in when the rules were relaxed. Its been a mixed blessing. Local people are able to earn more from the tourism, but it’s been so sudden that the whole country was running out of things like beer. 😳 — If you’re planning a trip to Cuba this year, make sure to check out my favorite things to do in Havana! New blog post, ✅LINKED IN BIO✅.
‘The Coldwater Journal’ a new surf film by @benweiland & @surfer_magazine is premiering at my studio in Pismo Beach on Feb 9th!  Come join for good times, great films, food truck & kombucha from @whalebirdkombucha . . $15 Tickets at the door in bio or online at www.ChrisBurkard.com/workshops
This little light of mine ✨
The Canadian Rockies are stunning all year round, but there’s something about winter time here that makes them extra special. Exploring the three amazing ski resorts here in Banff this past week with @skibig3 has been an awesome way to get a new perspective on this place I’ve come to know so well over the years. There’s no shortage of grand views in this winter wonderland and I can’t imagine a more beautiful place to hit the slopes this winter 🏂 #instameetskibig3
A rare view of Skaftafellsjökull tongue as it makes it way towards the Atlantic. Shot flying just above Iceland’s highest peak Hvannadalshnúkur which sits only 6,900ft above sea level.
I think I may have found the perfect winter getaway 🏠
Yep, it's a pretty famous hike and yep, I did have to wait my turn to take this photo but yep, it was worth the endless uphill and the crowds for this view. Sometimes I wonder, should we keep going to places with so many tourists? On one hand I want these options to remain open to me, on the other I want to be a more conscientious traveler. I recently put together an article about overtourism but unlike most of what I read, it's about how we can work to alleviate it and do our part to solve it on a micro level, one by one. Click the link in my bio to read.
Can’t visit #capetown without stopping by to sunbathe with the African Penguins at Boulders Beach! 🐧😎
Hiking, hot springs, waterfalls, and the most gorgeous scenery on planet Earth. I can't wait to be back here. Join me in July for an adventurous Iceland experience that most people don't see or do here. Link in bio!
I could not talk about Venice without mentioning my favorite hotel in the city: The Gritti Palace. As far as I can tell, it was created by the Pisani family in 1475. In the 15th or 16th century, it became the palazzo of the Doge of Venice, Andrea Gritti; whose name it still bears. It was then used as the Vatican Embassy to Venice. In 1902 it became part of a neighboring hotel, in the 1940’s an independently operated hotel. Now it is part of The Luxury Collection, in fact I think it was the first property in the collection. In 2013 it underwent a 60 million dollar renovation. Not too long after that, I visited for the first time. It was during that first visit that I took this image and fell deeply in love with my view of Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute. Each morning I would throw open the shutters and marvel at the traffic on the canal while the sound of gondoliers serenading couples in love carried on the breeze. My room was just above Bar Longhi and Riva Lounge. The latter was meant to recall Monaco Yacht Club and its nautical details did make me feel as if I was floating on a yacht in the Mediterranean. On a sunny day, to sit there with a glass of wine and to watch the boats go by - is truly one of my favorite things to do anywhere in the world. As British writer W. Somerset Maugham observed in 1960, “There are few things in life more pleasant than to sit on the terrace of the Gritti when the sun about to set bathes in lovely colour the Salute [basilica], which almost faces you.” Ernest Hemingway once staged a midnight baseball game in the hotel’s lobby and instead of being reprimanded, had 10 percent taken off his bill since nobody had ever played the sport on the premises before. At least that’s the story according to Architectural Digest. In the 1950s, Dior models were often featured in photoshoots at Gritti. Perhaps that’s the biggest reason I love it. It’s not only the luxury, it’s that by staying there, you’re staying in a piece of
Hey buddy, can't wait to swim with you in October. Who else has always dreamed of going to the Galapagos? Two days ago, I shared that the next BMTM Adventures trip is to Iceland, and today I want to share October's trip to Galapagos. It'll be a week of Yoga and diving followed by adventurous activities like hiking, surfing, and kayaking (and snorkeling of course) on one of the most idyllic islands in the Galapagos. Islands frozen in time with animals so curious and friendly, they come right up to you. Join me on this year's women's adventure trip there! Link in bio. As always, feel free to ask any questions here.
there’s no better dinner spot than at the top of a relentless uphill climb, I’m sure of it. This year I resolve to bring my own cutlery, reduce my single use plastics, and be a greener traveler. I partnered with @Humangear for refillable shampoo tubes, cutlery, and fun and funky colored bowls like this one. Hit the link in my bio for ways to reduce your carbon footprint as a traveler #gohumango
Since I’ve been talking about Italy this long, figured I’d do at least one more post from the country to help illustrate one of the things I DO love about Instagram. I got a few messages from people wondering why I dislike the app so much after yesterday’s post and if you read that much into what I wrote, I’m so sorry I didn’t communicate my meaning better. The fact is, I am so grateful to @instagram for the opportunities it has brought my way, the friendships I have made here and the more than 40 countries that I have been able to visit essentially just because of my following here. Like I said the other day, there is never a day I am ungrateful for these opportunities. It is cities such as Venice that have led me either directly, or indirectly, to what are some of the most important friendships I have. . Just as one example: While I never was able to meet @neumarc during a visit to Venice, it was because of work in the city that I found his account years ago and followed him, mesmerized by the images he shares. He had a larger following than I did then and I perceived that he was too good of a photographer to be interested in meeting lil ol me, so I never reached out. Then last year, we both ended up on a Viking Ocean Cruise and finally had the chance to meet. Marco is now a close friend and I won’t ever be visiting Venice again without seeing him there. I can’t imagine my world without his friendship. And he’s not the only one I feel that way about, that I’ve been able to meet essentially or actually because of IG. . You can choose to frame your view of IG in a positive way, you can make this place what you want it to be. And I choose to make it a place I come to for the people ♥️ . What do you make it? Why are you here? I’d love to know! 🙏🏼
Whether I’m trekking through the mountains or exploring a new city, I’m always looking for inspiration from my surroundings. It’s not until you take a second to stop and look around that you’ll realize what really inspires you. Where do you find inspiration? 🌁
The thing about Iceland is, you just want to stop constantly and take photos because every turn and view is more incredible than the last, and there are so many waterfalls you just stop pointing them out because it's all you'd be doing. Ever since I last went, I've been dying to return and do a longer-term hike in Landmannalaugar, the rainbowy colored mountains. Reservations are super hard to get for the huts but I snagged some for the next BMTM Adventures women's trip! It'll be 14 adventurous women hiking and sleeping in warm huts each night, soaking in hot springs, and seeing the famous waterfalls like this one. Hit the link in my bio to take a look at the itinerary and to join this July.
Like I did for Rome, ending my stories about Florence by tagging everyone who made this trip so special in my photo. If you’re considering traveling to Firenze soon, or if you want to bookmark this for later, I hope you will also do your own research to see if these people & their small businesses can be a part of your travel to Italy. . As a self employed business woman, I have such a huge heart for supporting other small businesses and that’s why I was so grateful to visit Florence and Rome with Alison of @vivalifestylepr. She brought together the most wonderful group of locals in both cities and so many friendships were made or deepened as a result of this trip. . I want the same for you when you travel. Instagram has become such a double edged sword. It encourages a lifestyle of going to places merely to check off a list of shots you want to get that you’ve seen a hundred times before without learning anything about a local culture or contributing positively in any way to the future of a place. Though my engagement is suffering because I do not want to play that game — or any other, and I got my following a long time ago which also isn’t in my favor — I’m trying to continue to not play that game because I care about people. And people such as the ones I’ve tagged here will continue to be the heart and soul of what I do as long as I can help it. ♥️
Lava tubes, sand dunes, and exploded cinder cone volcanoes you can hike on - it’s not Namibia, it’s California! Did you know this was here? #visitcalifornia #roadtripcalifornia #exploresanberdo #sanbernardinocounty #mojavedesert @mojavedesertlandtrust @caoutdoorplay
One of the most common questions I get via email is: how did I fund my first backpacking trip all those years ago? How could I afford to travel long-term before my blog made any money? 💸 — Well, before I started traveling, while I was working a normal day job, I also had a “side-hustle” writing and selling a couple of ebooks online. It was this extra income that helped me fund that first year of travel adventures! 🌎 — This isn’t the only way to earn some extra money on the side though. Watching cats & dogs. Renting out your car. Dressing up like Jesus. Selling blood plasma. Freelance bookkeeping. Assembling furniture. Running local tours. There are MANY ways if you think outside the box! — Go check out my latest blog post, ✅ LINKED IN BIO ✅, to read about 38 creative ways to make some extra money this year. — Do you have any side-hustles for earning extra money? 💲
Driving through the mountains of Vietnam was one of the most memorable moments of last year for me. The scenery was constantly changing as we traversed the windy roads and there was a new surprise around every corner. This is one trip I’ll be thinking about for years to come @lexarmemory #shotonlexar
nablus city
There’s nothing better than spending the day outside exploring a new place. It’s one the best forms of therapy for your body and soul 💆🏻‍♀️ @eddiebauer #liveyouradventure #ebcontributor . . . #tlpicks #awesomeearth #aroundtheworldpix #beautifuldestinations #wanderout #wonderful_places #tourtheplanet #earthofficial #theglobewanderer  #discoverglobe #wildernessculture #alphacollective #fantastic_earth #places_wow #earthfocus #voyaged #awesome_globepix #bestvacations #nature #awesome_photographers #awesome_earthpix #ourplanetdaily #earthpix
On Facebook I introduced this trip to Roma & Firenze with @xoalitalia as the maker and creator tour of Italy. It could have also been the tour where there was one great culinary experience after another to the point where when I began the journey home, I swore I’d gained 5 pounds while being gone. And if you like to eat as much as I do, and drink good wine when you do, then there’s no more qualified person to hire in Florence than @filippo.bartolotta When you visit his Instagram you’ll see he’s worked with some of the most famous people you know (or wish you knew) including the coolest first couple to ever serve in the USA’s most famous home. (Yes, THAT couple!) And yet Filippo doesn’t put on airs and he treated us the same way I imagine he treats all his clients no matter how famous or not — like family. Here he is with Michele Berlendis in the kitchen of one is his many ventures and what I’m pretty sure is his newest. Mama Florence is a cooking school not really like any other cooking school I’ve ever been to. In fact, yeah it’s unlike anything else I’ve ever seen in the category of cooking schools. The kitchen itself must be the most beautiful kitchen I’ve ever seen not in a private home. In terms of cooks under our roof in LA, I can’t hold a candle to Danté but I was still salivating over the appliances that Filippo had custom made for Mama Florence via artisans using materials and traditions which go back centuries. Whether you meet him in Italy, or catch him during one of his frequent trips to the USA, just catch him if you can. 🍴🇮🇹🍷
FIRENZE 🇮🇹 SUNSET 🌅 . I had not traveled that much before I began traveling for my career. But I always longed to. In fact, in college my boyfriend and I were supposed to study together in Florence. I spent almost every day of my college existence planning for it and hoping for it and feeling BEYOND EXCITED to leave the USA to study abroad. Sometimes if I close my eyes I can still channel that same hope and wonder and sheer passion for something that……didn’t end up happening. Life just had other plans. That hurt for a while. But at the same time, when I finally did get to visit Florence for the first time in my thirties, while dating @dante.vincent and seeing his name all over the city — ok, well not his name but the name Dante, you know which one [I hope] — it felt like life had worked out just the way it was supposed to. Not the way I planned. But the way it needed to. So even now, even this winter when I visited Florence for the third time with @xoalitalia, I still started crying for a second when I was looking out at the city during sunset from Piazzale Michelangelo. I haven’t lived an easy life. Lots of stuff I won’t ever talk about on social media. And yet I also know I’ve lived a far more privileged life than so many people all around the world. It’s so relative. No matter what, in case you don’t ever know how grateful I am for the traveling I get to do now — often because of my following online — here’s me telling you, there’s not a moment of it that I actually take for granted. Even the moments in places I have been before and have dreamed of for what feels like my whole life. And there isn’t a moment I don’t wish I could just bring you all with me, instead of only telling you about it later. . Thank you for following me. 🙏🏼😘 #passionpassport
And then we passed through the seven levels of the candy cane forest and through the sea of swirly, twirly gumdrops. 🌀 ————————————————————— Skier: @amyjanedavid in @jacksonhole
WCW 💃🏻 FLORENCE EDITION 🇮🇹 . Squeezing in under the wire for a positive WCW to tell you about one of the coolest women I’ve met while traveling. And that’s multimedia artist @bettysoldi. During my latest trip to Italy it was all about the people I met along the way. They made the trip for me. In Florence [Firenze] that included Betty, who hosted me at AdAstra which I talked about in my last post and who took the time to have breakfast with us at her other property @soprarnosuites. It’s on the same side of the Arno, a local area of the city known as Oltrarno. Posing in the outer gate of SoprArno before she sent us on our way to explore the city, I couldn’t help but want to take her photo. Her energy in the moment was infectious as was her energy pretty much the whole time we were around her. She translates that into her art which is largely based on her beautiful calligraphy but is not limited to. She has AdAstra and SoprArno with her husband and their story is such an intriguing one, filled with family histories in multiple countries and a rich tapestry of projects that feed both of their talent and skill sets. . In a funny “it’s a small world after all” twist, the book Soldi recently published actually features a photo of my dear friend @fleurishing’s tattoo. Maybe we were destined to meet. Either way, meeting Betty was further proof that no matter how wonderful a destination is, it’s the people that make the place. Without good people, travel is just a set of tickets and timelines and dots on a map. . #wcwpost #womencrushwednesday
Casual stroll through the PEZ factory 🍭 | 📷: @sonyalpha #alphacollective
GOLDEN HOUR ☀️ IN ROME 🇮🇹 . I thought of this quote when I was in Roma with @vivalifestylepr walking along the Tiber at Golden Hour seeing graffiti and street art covering centuries old stone as my heart was torn by both an appreciation for the desire to create and a sadness to see such ancient surfaces marred by modern vanity, “I like things that are kind of eclectic, when one thing doesn't go with another. That's why I love Rome. The town itself is that way. It's where Fascist architecture meets classic Renaissance, where the ancient bangs up against the contemporary. It has a touch of everything. That's my style, and that's what my work is about.” - Giambattista Valli . . . . #romaitalia #romeitaly #qotd #romaitalia🇮🇹 #romaitaly #visitingrome #giambatistavalli #quotelife #quoteaday #traveladdicted #traveltolearn #slowandglow #livemoremagic #myalmanacmoment
Rome's famous Trevi Fountain by night. ⛲️ - One of the busiest tourist attractions in the world, the only way to get a decent shot these days without battling hundreds of selfie-seekers is to visit around 3 or 4am. 🤓 —————— 📷 F8 | 2 sec | ISO 200
Lost in the forest 🌲🚶🏻‍♂️🌲@lexarmemory #shotonlexar
So this is what it feels like to be inside a real life snow globe ☃️ @eddiebauer #liveyouradventure #ebcontributor | Happy New Year, friends! I took a short break from social media during the holidays to recharge and catch up with friends and family. I feel like I’m constantly on the go so it was nice to take a break and just relax for once. But now I’m back and ready for another year of adventures!
BEST FOOD 🍴 TOUR IN ROME 🇮🇹 . Years ago during one of my first trips to Rome, if not the first, I took a tour of one of the city’s markets with Eleonora. We ate, we wandered, we listened to her stories and eventually we took what we bought “home” to a luxury apartment that looked right out at the Colosseum. There in a kitchen flooded with light and different from any I’d been to at home in the USA, she supervised the cooking of a meal that was in hindsight quite normal for Italy but for me was revolutionary. Such simple ingredients became such a beautiful open door to another culture, another world, superior to anything I’d experienced before that was “Italian” back home in the states. As I continued to visit Italy over the years, that experience with Eleonora was always foremost in my mind as the standard by which other experiences in other parts of Italy were judged by. If Italians weren’t as effusive with praise over a mere piece of cheese as Eleonora is, I thought longingly back to that day with her and wished that she could be my guide to all of Italy. . Fast forward to this trip when Alison said we’d be doing a tour with @casamiaitalyfoodandwine and I was overjoyed to realize that would mean touring the city again with Eleonora Baldwin and now with Gina Tringali who I’d also met years ago. The four of us had so much fun and I learned so much that I just didn’t want it to ever end. It was like the first time all over again. We laughed and we cried and we moaned and swooned over cheese and bread and chocolate and olive oil and cured meats from sustainable vendors and small businesses. I don’t need a third time to know, there’s no one I’d want to experience Rome with more than her, and now with Gina who she runs Casa Mia with. It’s that simple. 🇮🇹 🍴 . . . . . #foodtourinrome #rometour #romaitalia #romaitaly #foodtourism #foodtours #passionpassport #iamatraveler #thisissustainable #touringrome #italia🇮🇹
Staying at Palazzo Dama meant frequent walks along the River Tiber and often during golden hour or sunset. I can’t say I minded. Walking along the river in Rome is one of my favorite things to do because of the Sycamore trees that bend like a natural tunnel, framing the views and insulating you in a world within a world. . During this visit while wandering I learned something I’d never known before about the Tiber. There are so many bridges that span the river now but there were only 5 bridges in Rome that were built by the Romans. All had 5 arches. And this is how you can tell now, whether you’re crossing a bridge the Romans made, or one that’s newer — whether or not it has 5 arches! Because no other bridges do. . Oh and I took this particular image on a walk to @maisonhalaby which turned out to be the most extraordinary visit and few hours I’ve ever spent with an artist, ever. If you love talking with makers on a deep level, not just about what they make but also who they are and how they see the world...and if you like to listen more than talk and if you can see beautiful things but resist the urge to photograph them with anything more than your mind’s eye or if you desire to have a bag that’s literally one of a kind and won’t be carried by anyone else, then please do not miss Gilbert Halaby’s maison while you are in Roma. Go with time to spend, do not be in a rush to depart. 👜🎨 . . . . . #romaitalia #romaitaly #romeitaly #rivertiber #italia🇮🇹 #romehistory #romanhistory #historyinpictures #visitingrome #visitroma #italiabella #bellaitalia🇮🇹 #nationaltriviaday
One of the hunting cabins we used during our Kamchatka backcountry snowmobile expedition. We mixed it up between cabins & camping. This one came equipped with a generator and a light bulb... 5-Star luxury! 😆💡
HAPPY 2019! 🥳 WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS THIS YEAR? - These were my 9 most popular photos in 2018. ➡️ SWIPE TO SEE THEM ALL! - It’s been a crazy year, with a lot of changes! Anna & I are expecting a baby boy in the spring! We moved from California to Texas, then on to Italy to prepare for the new addition to our family. 👶 - I sincerely want to thank everyone who’s been following. Whether you’re here for the travel tips, photo inspiration, or just interested in learning about our nomadic lifestyle. Your comments and emails keep me motivated to continue sharing here and on the blog! 👍🏼 ———————————- ⭐️MY TOP 9 PHOTOS⭐️ ———————————- 1. One of my favorite adventures with Anna was this road trip through Morocco, including the beautiful blue city of Chefchaouen.  2. Bertha! My beloved Jeep Rubicon. I sold her before we moved to Italy, but had a lot of fun first, including this trip to the Alabama Hills in California.  3. Just standing on a giant gorilla skull in Hawaii! It’s an awesome movie prop from KONG: SKULL ISLAND on Kualoa Ranch.  4. A pretty sunset at El Matador Beach in Malibu, California.  5. Lucky timing as the sun breaks through storm clouds at St. Colman’s Cathedral in Cobh, Ireland.  6. Morocco again. This time wandering the colorful street markets of Marrakech.  7. Our epic doors-off helicopter flight over the Na-Pali coastline on Kauai. So much fun!  8. Camping out under the stars at Joshua Tree National Park.  9. Before moving to Northern Italy recently, we took a test trip to the area. Driving up to South Tyrol to check out the mountains. I was pretty happy with what I found!  WISHING YOU A HAPPY 2019! 🎉
POPPY arrived yesterday, shes a healthy and present baby and we are so thankful! happy new years from our family to yours ❤️🎈
This is #kamchatka, a 900-mile long Russian peninsula attached to Siberia that juts out into the Pacific Ocean. It’s about the size of California, with only 400,000 residents. - Kamchatka is a wilderness playground, composed of thick boreal forests, geothermically active volcanoes, and barren alpine tundra landscapes like this. It was off-limits to outsiders until the 1990s, due to its strategic importance to the Soviet military (nuclear submarine bases). - Read my new blog post ⭐️(LINKED IN BIO)⭐️ to learn more about our snowmobile adventure here! ➡️
wedding celebration
khan al-ahmar village
khan al-ahmar
Some talking point ideas for family dinners, down time and post meal walks this holiday season,  courtesy of the PROFESSOR @moviemountain.  In order of appearance, Terrence McKenna, “Hot” Carl Sagan and Neil Tyson.
We came to Cuba for the climbing and were pleasantly surprised with not only amazing rock, but incredible natural beauty, vibrant culture, and delicious food. This was my first experience climbing tufas and stalactites and I can’t believe how fun it is! So different from anything I’ve ever done. ——————————————————— I know it’s not really relevant to the climbing part, but I’m sharing a few of my favorite portraits from the trip in this post (swipe right). Some of us too! It’s always a little nerve racking to approach a stranger and ask to take their photo, but I’m getting better at it. Which one is your favorite?
RAD DAD @brentatchley
The Colosseum! One of the new 7 wonders of the world. - Rome’s most famous building once held 80,000 spectators for deadly battles between wild animals & gladiators. 🦁🐻🐊⚔️ - There was a saying: “bread & circuses” keep the people happy. The games kept the Roman population distracted from reality - and political involvement. 🥖🎪 - 📷 F8 | 2.5 sec | ISO 200
We’ve been jamming at @moviemountain for the last six months, building sets, puppets, props and a miniature space ship for a proof of concept for an animated feature film.  The working title for the project is, “Wake Me Up When We Get There.” Think of it as a road trip story that just so happens to be set in space staring two robots with human consciousness (their human analogs are in stasis in the ships cryogenic chambers) on a journey through the galaxy, seeing the sights,  staying one step in front of the man, experimenting with local pharmaceuticals, and visiting fellow outkasts all in time to make it to a remote quadrant of space in time to watch two black holes collide.  It’s certainly the biggest project I’ve ever taken on and it’s been so wild seeing it come together.  Today, we start filming the first sequences of the proof of concept. Once we’re finished, @samosier is going to help us shop the project and turn it into an animated feature film.  Swipe all the way to the right to watch a tour of the set.  So many amazing people are working on this project and I couldn’t be more excited about it @moviemountain @memmonz @robb_gardner @samosier @circa1964 @jspake @timothytickle @aaronplevine @lex.lore @theshelbyfoundation @tim__yates @theunclepaw @levittoid
#tbt to the day Dave and I spent all afternoon building a huge kicker to get like five photos. 👉🏼 Swipe right for full image. Also, if you’re gonna be in the @jacksonhole area this winter and can ski like this, hit me up! Let’s shoot!
Still going, still growing. Despite what could be assumed from my posts and stories, I’ve never considered myself to be very good at climbing. I lead easy/moderate, have never “projected” a route, and seem to almost never go out with people who aren’t better at the sport than I am. But I’ve removed expectation from the equation, and you know what? I’ve surprised myself a little. It takes time to learn to push your comfort zone. Just be patient with yourself and don’t give up. You’ll get there. _______________________________________________ For anyone looking to try a new sport or replace some worn gear, I’ve partnered with @backcountry to give you 15% off your first order. They’ve got everything from outdoor apparel to technical gear of all kinds and offer free 2 day shipping on most orders. Just use code “ELISE15” at checkout! #goatworthy #backcountry #sponsored
New adventures await.
WE’ll GET HIM WHEN COMES BACK IN!!! #hesnotcomingback #firsttimeforweverthing #noticethepoolscumsocks
For the last few years, I’ve used @Lightroom almost exclusively to edit my photos. I can honestly say that it’s been a major tool in helping me develop a style that I love and I can’t imagine my workflow without it. That being said, I was honored when they asked me to develop a set of six fall themed presets to be made available for free download on their blog. Editing with presets is a useful way to understand how other people achieve certain looks, and I really hope that some of you can benefit from using these! I’ve also made a tutorial on how to import and edit with your presets in case you’ve never done it before. All up on the Adobe blog! Check the link in today’s Instagram story! (Also, this image was edited with my preset “Fall Forrest.” Swipe right to see the unedited version.) #ad
If it requires a helmet, then my answer is yes. ——————————————————— Memories from Serendipity Arete, one of my favorite days this summer.  @jacksonhole  PC: @ryan_burke11
Just wrapped up hosting my first multi-day photography workshop! It was such an awesome experience to be able to share my home with a few adventurous ladies and bond over mutual hobbies. We practiced shooting landscapes, portraits, and astro, and I’m proud to say that everyone graduated to shooting fully on manual mode! I can’t wait to do more of these down the road! Swipe right to see a few pics from our couple of days together.
A year ago, @moviemountain wrapped up work on POOL SCUM, a stop motion ode to the terrible, yet amazing sub genre of 80s retellings of Romeo and Juliet set to action sport, films like Rad and Thrashin’ @joshbrolin. A year after finishing POOL SCUM and two years after breaking ground on the studio we’re in the middle of our next project.  Everything we learned from the last few years, we are putting into a proof of concept for a stop motion science fiction feature film set on a space ship.  There will be robots, space travel, and aliens.  For the time being,  here's Episodes 1-3 of POOL SCUM.
It’s incredible how photogenic natural contrasts can be to the human eye.
The @moviemountain is hard at work building sets, props, models and puppets for our next project, a proof of concept for an animated science fiction feature.  Here’s one of the props that’s @tim__yates whipped up, a fully functioning,  1/6 scale vaporizing argon pipe designed to work in zero g, including on space walks through an optional airlock attachment 🚀☠️🌌
I’m definitely more alive than those Namibian trees, I swear. It’s incredible how much unpublished content I want to share with you all, yet my days are so busy right now it’s been difficult to find a 30-min period behind my laptop to edit images. My resolution for this autumn though is to slowly get back to a frequency of one post a day. I’m working on this :) Happy 🍁🍂 season to you all!
Camping out last night with my brother on the Columbia River before he moves to Berlin, Germany today with his better half today to start a new chapter of their lives.  Tim and I have been going to this beach together for the last 25 years, and I’m sure we’ll be back again someday.  Good luck in Berlin @timothytickle @my___pet ❤️❤️
Pumpkin spice and everything nice. 🍂🍁 @jacksonhole
Here’s a look at how we made POOL SCUM in the @moviemountain  studio.  The whole process took around seven months from conceiving the idea to putting the final touches on the short film. Right now, we’re hard at work building sets, puppets and models for a proof of concept for an animated feature,  #🚀🛸👽🤖. It’s a much bigger project than anything we’ve worked on in the past, but the process is similar to how we built the world for POOL SCUM, just scaled up and in space. @moviemountain
SUMMER YOU WILL BE MISSED @kevin_kowalski @tweestopher.  PS THE CAMPER IS JUST FINE @jay
Getting lost in the haunted forest of Sintra, a place of myths, legends and paranormal activity, from what local told us.
I’ve been incredibly busy since I returned from my latest European tour around France-Spain-Portugal last July/August, and I cannot wait to share with you soon the reason why.  That being said, I finally managed to get some editing time behind my laptop today, and went back through this summer photos. Here’s one from of a favorite location, in the French Pyrenees.
Brave flowers facing the salted winds and strong gust coming every day from the Atlantic Ocean on the Portuguese coast. Indomitable nature 🌊
One of the best mornings of 2018 so far, somewhere in the heart of the Pyrenees 💙 @lolosjohan
There’s still hope to see this beautiful animal live many more centuries if not millennia on Earth, but we need to take actions now.  Since the start of the 20th century, the population of wild African elephants declined from 3.5million to only 415,000.  If you do the math, that’s an average of 26,411 wild elephants that died or have been killed each year since 1901. 26,411!!! WWF estimates that 20,000 is the number of wild African elephants being killed each year for their ivory (that’s 55 a day!). But this isn’t taking into accounts other causes such as the loss of their habitat (halved over the last 40 years, and that now is only 15% of the surface they used to have centuries ago). Now, what can you do to help the population increase again?  Take a few minutes and visit www.savetheelephants.org. Many interesting resources that need to be read, and if you ever want to get involved you can always donate to help the charity with their mission. Let’s do our best so our children, grand-children and further generations will also be able to live in a world where elephants still exist, and where those creatures live a peaceful and protected life side by side with humans. 🙏 #worldelephantday
Two hours earlier, we were surrounded by 500 people on an overcrowded beach. We then decided to drive to the mountains, just 45min south, in order to find peace. That’s the beauty of Asturias. #peaksofeurope
It’s one thing to witness this kind of view, but the happiness that comes after hiking for hours in thick fog and eventually emerging above the clouds to see glowing mountains in the distance is almost indescribable. That evening in the French Pyrenees will be remembered for years to come. >> @lolosjohan
Want to be there or want to run away? •• @lolosjohan
Today's morning was like a child's dream. This place is called "castle in the air". It's located in Ono, Japan. Just 10 days per year you can observe such fantastic conditions when castle floating above the ocean of clouds. Well, I had no expectations to see even something close to what we were lucky to witness this morning. That's a drone shot - for quick edit video preview visit my igtv.  Epic Japan trip with @skylum_global Danielkordan.com #japan #castleinthesky #ono #fukui #castle #ilovejapan #visitjapan #winterjapan #dji #djiglobal @djiglobal #mavic2pro  #madewithluminar
This day definitely made my trip in Japan! "Castle in the sky", located in the town of Ono in Japan. It received this name for a reason. Just about 7-10 days per year you can observe this phenomenon when deep ocean of fog covers the whole valley leaving just the castle above "cloudfall". Staying one night here just scouting locations for my photography tour (it'll happen next winter!) I didn't even expect to see something like this. When I wake up in deep fog I was happy like kid. Two tripods on the back, Nikon Z 7 for stills and Nikon D850 for timelapse - and I'm climbing the hill opposite the castle. The hike to viewpoint is about 40-50 min on a very slippery icy path with ropes hanging half a way on steepest parts. And as reward - that fantastic scenery. I spend around 3 hours just enjoying the scene while clouds were rolling in and out revealing the Castle in the sky. Thanks to @skylum_global team for support to make this happen!  Music: Omar Akram - take my hand, @realomarakram #japan #visitjapan #nikon #d850 #omarakram
In Japan you can easily roll back from the future into 17 century. It's just couple of hours from taking shinkansen train to walking in little villages of Kiso valley. Quiet rural countryside of Japan definitely brings you back in time.  Danielkordan.com on Japan trip with @skylum_global team.  #japan #kisovalley #visitjapan #ilovejapan #nikon #nikkor #gitzoinspires #luminar #madewithluminar #lucroit
A bit of winter magic from Japan! ❄ ⛄ such an incredible night sky just behind Shirakawa-go village. It definitely felt like Christmas that night!  #japan #madewithluminar #skylum #shirakawa #shirakawago #visitjapan #luminar3 @skylum_global #nikon #winter #winterjapan
Cozy streets of rural Japan in Kiso valley. Walking here I felt like being inside an old romantic movie scene.  #japan #madewithluminar #kisovalley #nikon #gitzoinspires #visitjapan
This is where the magic happens 🙌🏼@eddiebauer #liveyouradventure #ebcontributor | Have you ever explored a new place and wondered what it must have felt like to be the first person to discover it? I can only imagine the feeling that person felt when they stepped foot into this slot canyon . . . #tlpicks #awesomeearth #aroundtheworldpix #beautifuldestinations #wanderout #wonderful_places #tourtheplanet #earthofficial #theglobewanderer  #discoverglobe #wildernessculture #alphacollective #fantastic_earth #places_wow #earthfocus #voyaged #awesome_globepix #bestvacations #awesome_photographers #awesome_earthpix #ourplanetdaily #earthpix #whpmovement
Watching Chris explore new lines is akin to an artist seeing something beautiful on a blank canvas. This line he climbed twice moving through the hard roof moves at around the 60+ ft mark.. putting himself in a pretty compromising position if he were to fall unprepared. Deep water soloing although at times fun & harmless can quickly turn into broken ribs and busted ear drums. It’s a delicate balance of knowing your limit and pushing it. This route didn’t have a top out & the imaginary safety line was about to be crossed. @chris_sharma pulled the roof then hooted as he dropped into the sea. .  @prana @chris_sharma
I live here. Pinch me. 😍 —————————————————————— @jacksonhole
Hello from Cape Town! This is my 3rd visit to the city, but I'm finally seeing a lot more of it, as we're spending a full week here this time. - Today we took to the air for some scenic aerial photography with @nachelicopters. 🚁 Look at that view! What else should we do while we're here?
BOUTIQUE SLEEPS 🛏 FLORENCE 🇮🇹 . In Firenze, which I also visited with Alison of @vivalifestylepr, artist Betty Soldi was kind enough to host me at @adastraflorence. From the moment I was let through the gate on the street to see this view of just a portion of the largest private garden in Europe, I knew there was something very special in store. I could feel it in the light that filtered through the columns even on a gray winter day. As I made my way through multiple doors and up a grand staircase, the feeling of wonder in my chest swelled. And yet when I was finally greeted in what passes for a modest hallway in Italy outside a beautifully aged salon that was as understated as it was elegant, I was anything but disappointed. . Ad Astra takes up a few floors in an ancestral family mansion that was a collaboration between architect Francesco Maestrelli and Marco & Matteo Perduca in Oltrarno, the most real and authentic Florentine district. After a brief look at the 270 square metre terrace, where I couldn’t wait to enjoy breakfast, I was let into my suite where Lego figurines, vintage flags and metro system memorabilia seemed perfectly married to original Italian design pieces from the ‘50s, ‘60s & ‘70s, a free standing bathtub and an ancient frescoed ceiling. Quirky in a way I’d never expect in Firenze, like the writing on the wall that was clearly done by hand. Fanciful and carefree yet absolutely still chic. . If I thought I was reminded of how much I love boutique hotels in Roma, in Firenze I was reminded of how much I love guesthouses where the owner’s distinct personality is so evident and infectious in the details of your surroundings, that you immediately feel you’ve found a new friend. . . . . #bellaitalia🇮🇹 #italia🇮🇹 #culturetrip #boutiquehotels #traveladdicted #iamatraveler #tlpicks #italiabella #bettysoldi #firenze #florenceitaly #firenze🇮🇹 #firenzearchitecture #italyarchitecture #detailsofitaly #guesthouses
The sweet ain't sweet without the sour. Blustery snowstorms bring crystal clouds and powder bliss. To the mountains we go! ———————————————————————— Stoked to be partnering with @backcountry again to continue to spread the love with a 15% off code for your first order of winter goods! They've got everything from technical gear to warm winter layers and most orders come with free 2 day shipping. Just use code "ELISE15" at checkout! #sponsored
Rainy day on Kauai. Still managed to get a few decent shots, despite the dreary weather. 🌦🌴 - For every journey, there’s often some days when mother nature doesn’t cooperate! - Have you ever had bad weather wreck your trip somewhere?
Kamchatka! Russia’s land of volcanoes. 🌋 - This is the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, the main city on this remote peninsula in Russia’s far-east. - From here we bussed to the interior, then hopped on snowmobiles to visit ethnic Even reindeer herders and learn about their way of life in the wilderness. It was such a wild trip!
Fall in the Gorge
Here’s a little trip down memory lane to four years ago when we were racing the seasons to finish the tree houses before the Pacific Northwest winter kicked in.  @sirjosephdirt had been here since May and countless friends had came through from all over to lend a hand and pound some nails.  Tucker and I had built small things but never anything of close to the scale of two tree houses, three bridges etc.  We learned on the fly.  We jokingly referenced, “fuck it, we’ll do it live,” implying that we’ll solve problems as they come up.  It worked, and I still live in the tree house in these photos.  Time sure does fly.  I’m doing a sale the book I made about the process with photos, sketches, musings and other BS in my web store.  Use the code FALL18 to get %20 off (link in profile). If any one has the opportunity to build something with their own hands, I’d recommend in a heart beat.  The result will surprise you and the memories will last forever 🔨🌲 🧤 #thecindercone
Windwalker traverse day 12 – the Cirque traverse. Terrifying rappels, a fixed anchor blowing, near loss of our rope to a crack, Ryan taking a lead fall over 1000ft of exposure, and a 5.2 dirt/ice gully after sundown. Still, we laughed and carried on and tucked our heads against the wind and argued about which one of us would be Frodo and which one of us would be Sam if we were Frodo and Sam. And of course, cursed ourselves for our severe under-packing of snickers bars. They say you only remember the good parts, but I’d have to disagree. It was the shared struggle and the unexpected that made the experience so worthwhile. ——————————————————————— Sharing a few more photos from this trip in today's story!
What difference in a scenery just a few minutes can make! . Last week I was invited by @nikonfr in the Lofoten, Norway, along with some journalists to try their recently announced full-frame mirrorless camera, the Nikon Z7.  Those shots were taken using the new Nikkor 35mm f/1.8 S (Z-mount). Head over my stories to read my feedback about that new camera. Honest review, not sponsored.  #nikonzlofoten
So great to be back in Japan! This time I travel by car to less known places in rural Japan. And postal villages of Kiso valley are among them. With great team of @skylum_global - @ev25.4 @phototerra and @lanatoki_makeup we met this beautiful sunset today.  Danielkordan.com #nikon #gifu #japan #ilovejapan #visitjapan #madewithluminar #luminar3 #gitzoinspires
First days of my trip to winter Japan actually felt more like late autumn. No snow, just very graphical tree branches framing majestic Fuji-San. We started very early this day together with @skylum_global team. Hiking in the dark up in the mountains - and we enjoy first rays on Fuji high up the Kawaguchiko lake. The way up here is an adventure on it's own: signs about possible bears in the area and very narrow old road. I couldn't even imagine that just in a couple of days we'll be digging ourselves out of meters of snow =) Danielkordan.com #japan #winterjapan #kawaguchiko #fujikawaguchiko #fujisan #mountfuji #madewithluminar #gitzoinspires #lucroit
Calm morning in Japan, as seen from Tanuki lake. Fuji-San is always a perfect subject for photography. Unless it'll be shy in the clouds. But then you'll return many times back to Japan.  Danielkordan.com #japan #visitjapan #fujikawaguchiko #fujisan #tanukilake #laketanuki #mountfuji
Juhyo, "the snow monsters" leaning over me snowshoeing with @gitzoinspires Adventury backpack. This incredible location could be found deep in Japanese alps. We got up the Zao mountain by taking spectacular ride on the local ropeway. From the top you can snowshoe around the magical frozen Kingdom. This day it was crispy -15 C, wind was blowing the fog and sometimes providing the changing light. Zao is not only a ski resort, it's also ancient onsen town where you can warm up in natural hot springs after a cold day. Many thanks to talented @ev25.4 for this BTS shot.  A part of @skylum_global trip across winter Japan.  #japan #winterjapan #zao #zaoonsen #madewithluminar #juhyo #snowmonsters
Win a Trip to #iceland ! It's a 10-Day #SkylumGiveaway! We've teamed up with @skylum_global to make it happen! 🎉🎉🎉 . Our Grand Prize winner will get a 3-day photo tour to Iceland in May 2019. Are you ready to go? Your chance at winning an Iceland Photo Tour is just 3 steps away: . 1️⃣ Follow @skylum_global 2️⃣ Tag 2 friends in comments 3️⃣ Like this post! . 👉 Increase your chances of winning by tagging extra friends. (Each 2 friends tagged = 1 full entry) The Grand Prize winner will be announced FEB. 4 on Instagram! . To keep things fun, we are ALSO giving away a copy of Photolemur, Luminar, or Aurora HDR to 10 randomly selected people who enter the giveaway. We will announce one winner per day leading up to the announcement of our Grand Prize Winner on Feb. 4, 2019.
"Inside the snow monster cave". Last couple of weeks I've been traveling in Japan and China. Quite intense trips with snowshoeing, hiking and stunning adventures. For those following my stories may have seen that I recently visited Zao snow monsters together with @skylum_global team. That's one of the few places in Japan where you can observe "juhyo", trees covered with deep shell of snow. What a great time was to wander around these nature creations! #japan #madewithluminar #luminar3 #zao #zaoonsen #juhyo #nikon #gitzoinspires  #lucroit
I was quite surprised to encounter golden autumn colors in December visiting Alabama hills. That was the very first day of my southwest USA adventure together with @skylum_global and talented @shainblumphotography  A beautiful day to start indeed! Danielkordan.com Shot with #nikon #d850 + 14-24 #nikkor + #gitzo traveler tripod, processed with #luminar3 #usa #southwest #alabamahills #lonepine #california
mattress, khan al-ahmar
French [FRSub] The Crowned Clown.E02 | The Faces of (2018) | Мыло